Halloween costumes in Dennison’s Bogie Book, published in 1925 (via)


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Pages from Scarlet, written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Alex Maleev.

It’s a truly stand-out comic that can turn something as basic as introducing a character’s back story, into a visually memorable sequence.  

At first glace, it just looks like fifteen panels in standard layout. But it’s really fifteen snapshots of the defining moments and characteristics in Scarlet’s life to date. Note that the last panel of a Portland landmark, which breaks the rhythm established so far, is enlarged to emphasize the most telling quality about her.

It’s exposition done as only a comic can do.



production designThe Fifth Element (1997)

by Dan Weil

Always in my top 10 favourite movies, forever.

That we never got a big, gorgeous art and design book for this movie — which seems like it would’ve been a fucking no-brainer given the creative team — is a crime for which someone, somewhere must eventually pay.


life goals

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My man.

Scientists and engineers in Congress? If only.


Fact: The world ended in 1997 and everything since is just a collective delusion.

Sounds legit.